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with thousand of cars, we have just the right one for you
Find / Reserve Pay Only 40% Shipment Remaining Payment Custom Clearance Receive Your Car
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Step 1. Find / Select and Reserve your vehicle

  • Find a car that you like to purchase from our stock. You can customize the search based upon your requirements and preferences.
  • Auction sheets, original price, multiple photos and detailed description is available for the cars in our stock.
  • Select the car and click on "Reserve". It will reserve a car for you for 3 days.
  • To reserve a car, new customers will need to sign-up for free. Existing customers will need to give their login information.
  • We will contact you and email the invoice in JPY with FOB price.

Step 2. Pay only 40% Advance Payment

  • Pay only 40% advance payment to place the order
  • Share the bank T/T (telegraphic transfer) copy within 3 days since the invoice was issued
  • We will confirm money arrival at our bank and confirm your purchase
  • Your money should reach our bank within 5 days since the invoice was issued.
  • Failure to comply in sending T/T copy within 3 days or transfering money in our bank within 5 days will automatically cancel the reservation


  • We strongly advise our customers to make payment to invoice ONLY sent from Info@JapanzInternational.com
  • Please cover ALL bank transfer charges required for payment, so that we receive the full payment shown in the invoice
  • Wire Transfer (Telegraphic Transfer) is the only acceptable method to make the payment
  • All customers should send money only to Japanz International Limited (JIL) beneficiary account in Japan

Bank Information
Account Name Japanz International Limited
Account Number 595-XXXXXXX (seven numeric digits as per invoice)

Step 3. Receive Shipment Schedule & Details

  • We will ship the car at earliest possible shipping schedule after receiving 40% deposit from you.
  • We will provide shipping schedule and other details.
  • You can also insure you vehicle for shipment from any insurance company and we can also assist you with it.

Step 4: Pay Remaining payment one week before shipment arrival

  • You will pay remaining amount minimum 1 week before shipment arrival date.
  • Please follow bank information and special instructions given above
  • Please pay this payment ASAP to avoid any demurrage penalty which you will have to bear

Step 5: Complete Customs Clearance

  • We will send Bill of Lading (BL) after receiving full payment from you
  • We will send all the official decouments like export certificate / customs invoice after receiving full payment from you
  • Official documents will be sent to you via courier at your designated address.
  • Please contact your local Customs office or clearing agent to make clearing procedures.

Step 6: Receive your Car

  • With the Bill of Lading (BL) sent to you, you will be able to receive your car easily from the port.