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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What do I need to do to buy a car at Japanz International?

Register yourself on website for free with one step easy process. Select a car of your choice and click on "Reserve" to initiate the buying process. Our representative will contact you to deliver an invoice which you need to pay within payment deadlines.

Q: Do you have any special requirement to sign-up for Japanz International membership?

Anyone who is either an automobile dealer or an individual buyer can sign up for the membership. Sign up is 100% free, no credit card required, no hidden fees!

However, for an individual car buyer, we encourage you to check your country's regulations before purchase. We are not familiar with the laws of your country. We are not able to offer you any advice, or to introduce you to any car importer or customs clearing agent in your country.

Q: Is there any membership fee?

No. No fees or hidden charges are required. So don't hesitate and sign up now.

Q: How long does it take for a buyer to receive a car?

We cannot tell you the exact time for your car to be delivered to you as it completely depends on the shipping schedule. However, your car will be shipped on the earliest available vessel. Usually, it takes 4 to 8 weeks.

Q: How many used cars are normally available in your Stock?

Usually, we have hundred of cars in our regular stock. Usually we have couple of RORO Ships and dozens of Container Shipments in a month. In addition, you can have access to about thousands of cars a week available at different online auctions we cover.

Q: How do I know about the bank account details to make a payment?

You can find the bank account details here. The bank account number to make a payment is mentioned in the invoice. If you do not have an invoice yet, select a product and send an inquiry to get an invoice.

Q: How do I Pay?

To pay for a car, you will require an "Invoice" from us. As soon as the car is reserved, we will issue you an invoice with FOB price. In the invoice, all details related to payment, payment destination bank account, deadlines, method of payment, etc. will be mentioned.

Please go to your preferred bank with the invoice and make payment as per the invoice. Please note that sharing the T/T copy (Payment Receipt from your bank) as soon as possible is important to ensure your purchase.

Q: What are the accepted payment methods by Japanz International?

Because of high frequency of credit card fraud, we don't accept payment by credit card. We only accept payment by telegraphic transfer (T/T) to our designated bank account from your bank within the payment deadline.

Q: If I purchase a vehicle at JPY 2,000, how much will I have to pay as extra charges?

If the price is in FOB, you will not have to pay any extra charges to Japanz International. But to import the car in your country you will have to pay Clearance fee, Import duty, Registration fee, Compliance fee, and any other fee which may occur according to the import regulations of your country.

Q: What currencies do you accept?

Generally, we do business in JPY. As you are required to make a payment according to the invoice we issue you, if you want to do business in a currency other than the mentioned, please consult us.

Q: What is the payment deadline?

There are two steps of our payment deadline. The first step is to share the T/T copy within 3 days, since the invoice was issued. The second step is for the money to reach our bank within 5 days, since the invoice was issued. Meeting the deadline in both steps are essential for a successful purchase.

If we do not receive a T/T copy within 3 daus or if we do not get money receipt confirmation from our bank within 5 days, your reserved car will be available for other buyers to buy.

Q: What will happen if I can't meet the payment deadline?

If we do not receive a TT copy within 48 hours or if we do not get money receipt confirmation from our bank within 120 hours, the related product will be available for other buyers to buy.

If the money arrives at our bank after the payment deadline, one of the following will happen.

A) If the product is still available (not sold or reserved), we will accept your payment, send you a "payment confirmation" and start shipping process to the mentioned port.

B) If the product has been reserved or sold, you may choose from the following options

B-1) If the product is reserved, wait for this product to be "sold" or "available".

B-2) Find a similar, available car and use the money to buy any other available car in our stock. In such case, we can start the shipping process right away and you will receive the car faster.(Recommended)

B-3) Get the money returned to your bank, at you bank transfer cost. In such cases, we will charge US $100 as handling fee.

Q: How long do you reserve a product for me?

As long as you meet your payment deadline (3 days for T/T copy & 5 days for payment confirmation at our bank; from the time the invoice is issued), the product is reserved for you.

Q: Do you still hold the product for me after 3 days? After I make payment, it may take few days for my bank remittance to be transferred to your account.

Yes we do. We hold the car for 5 days in total, if we receive the TT copy in time. As it takes few days for your money to reach our bank, we suggest you to pay as soon as you receive the invoice.

Q: What are the rules around cancelling a purchase?

You may cancel a deal before the shipment process starts. Depending on the stage of your transaction, cancellation rules will vary. Please check the cancellation rules below:

1) Before you sent money, you may cancel anytime without cost. Please notify us as soon as possible, in such case.

2) After we have received your sent amount, we will charge 10% of the invoiced amount or $500, whichever higher, as a cancellation fee. In such case, we will send the refund amount to you, after deducting the charges, at your bank cost.

3) After we have shared the shipping schedule with you, we do not accept any order cancellation, hence no refund will be available.

Q: Can I purchase LHD cars from Japanz International?

LHD cars are very rare in Japan. LHD cars are usually imported from countries like US, Europe and Korea. However, you can use search option for LHD car's availability in the stock.

Q: Can I request a car which is not listed in Japanz International stock?

Yes, you can. Even if your desired car is not available in Japanz International stock, you can get any car you want through the following process.

A) Send us a Customized Order request via our Contact Us page, with necessary details.

B) We will send you purchase price of the requested car. If you agree, will issue an invoice to you.

C) According to the invoice, you should make a payment.

D) After confirming the payment, we will arrange and ship the car to your indicated destination.

Q: Can I select a car myself from auction for Japanz International to buy for me?

Yes, you can. Japanz International can give access of many auctions through the interfaces like NINJA, TCWEB etc to their valuable customers so they could search and select the cars directly from the auctions and let Japanz International buy those cars for them with their suggested price. If you are interested in searching and selecting the car on your own, feel free to send an email along with your contact information at info@JapanzInternational.com


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