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  • Car Check before Going on a Long Drive

    Published On: 03/21/2017

    With the changing weather globally there are many parts of the world hit by winter, while others are on the verge of summer. With holidays at the end, many people still regret the fact that they have not travelled much. To all those, here is your chance to experience change of routine. Take your car and go for a long drive with family and friends. Enjoy a long drive experience over the weekend and... read more

  • Grading System in Japanese Auctions

    Published On: 03/21/2017

    If you have ever experienced buying Japanese cars from auction you should be aware of the grading system of cars. In case you have are new to the car auction system and you have never participated in any auction before you should get enough knowledge about the auction grading system. Each car at the Japanese Auction is inspected fully and strictly. There is no concept of comprising quality and th... read more

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